The mission of the coach is to evoke transformation by asking powerful questions, listening effectively and supporting the coachee to access his/her resources to reach their full potential. The coaching relationship focuses on the person as a whole rather than the topics that the person brings into the relationship.

Coaching is proceeding without trial, without advice or suggestion, seeing people not with their problems but as they are with a focus on future.

What is Possible With Coaching

Is Your Life Balanced?

In our business and private life, we are balanced when we can realize our sine qua non values. However, when we do not satisfy our values, we experience conflict within ourselves and this balance is distorted; the conflicts can turn into problems that we can not get out of. What do we need to find balance in our lives? It is a good start to listen to ourselves by increasing our personal awareness, discover our values, and find our balance formula by looking through various perspectives and to pass this formula to life.

Spread Then Verse

When we take steps to realize what we want to do, we are in the stream. However, our mood, internal and external factors can sometimes cause us to lose our desire and delay everything. When those which have not been abled to do are piled up like a mountain, where can we start to take control again? We can start with the discovery of what we protect ourselves from, what we need to move on, and the research of emotional, mental and environmental factors that hinder us.

Saying No

Many people refrain from saying “no” because they are worried about the possible effects of it, avoiding conflict or not knowing how to say it. Failure to say “no” when necessary in our business or private lives may cause our respect for ourselves to diminish, to accumulate serious anger against people and life, and to reflect that anger to others by the raising of the stress. What do we need to learn to say no? First of all, you have to solve what deters you from saying no, build your own original “no” answer and practice it, experience what can be possible when you say no.

Strengthening Our Relationships

The quality of the relationships we have has an impressive effect on our level of satisfaction in life. Modern life complexity and intensity prevents us from giving enough qualities to our relationships. In this complex life, how can we manage to be satisfied with our relationships? It is a good start to increase our awareness, to be a good listener to ourselves and to the other, and to communicate effectively.

Living Without Drift

When we transform our dreams into goals and realize them in life, we feel happy and peaceful. As things get more intense, as life gets more complicated, most of us put on our dreams side so that we can focus on what we define as ‘necessary’. The first things we give up are sometimes the things that feed us the most. Instead of drifting in our busy lives, what can we do to feed and thrive and feel happy? And we can start with staying at moment, listening to our internal voices that sabotage us to make room for our dreams, to identify activities that nourish and consume us and to make choices.

Remembering Our Resources

Our feelings, our thoughts, our dreams, our body language are related with one another and they are rich resources in you. But often we do not care them, and we sometimes think that they are confusing and sometimes unattainable. Coaching helps you access these resources and use your potential fully and broaden your range of motion.

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    If you want to have a journey go to your future, your dreams and the potential in you in the chaos of your life, this is for you. I am here for you to rediscover yourself, to redefine your goals, to walk on the route that you will choose towards the life you have being missed.